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February 22, 2022

Dear Patient, My practice is committed to maintaining the highest level of medical care possible. As you know, I strive to hire the most competent and caring staff, and we treat every patient as a VIP. I have spent the past two decades building a practice that is a one-stop-shop to provide you an “executive” treatment each time you come in.

The cost of running such a practice is becoming prohibitively expensive as we are forced to perform many administrative tasks without reimbursement. The pandemic made things even harder.

Each year, we are faced with more time-consuming and costly administrative problems: Calling in prescriptions to save patients extra visits to the pharmacy; prescription refills by phone, fax, or mail to save you time and visits; phone calls giving patients test results rather than a return visit to the office; hours of phone calls for test/ therapy pre-authorization; numerous general forms; re-billing to correct insurance company errors; general letters and notes; signatures and phone calls on hold to get tests and procedures done at the hospital, etc.

All of you who are in routine contact with the office know of my exceptional accessibility via email and the incredible prompt and personal attention you receive from me and my staff. To offset this lower reimbursement and growing costs, I am looking for alternatives to charging you an enormous annual concierge retainer which, as many of you know, is now all too common.

This letter is my request to you to send in a $1200 annual administrative fee to offset the above costs. That is a low fee of $100 a month. Concierge practices charge many multiples of this amount.

You can send us a check today marked as “LA Heart Annual Administrative Fee” or pay via credit card by calling the office. Please do this ASAP.

This low fee will help us continue our practice outstanding medical care, without you having to pay large sums to partake in a practice like mine which is already markedly better than most concierge practices!

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding. Looking forward to being of the highest level of service to you for the coming years.

Afshine Ash Emrani, MD, FACC Internal Medicine, Cardiology

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