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Simple ways to lower your blood pressure.

1. Lose a few pounds. The most effective means of reducing elevated blood pressure is to lose weight. Even losing as little as 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure. 2. Read labels. Weed out high-sodium foods by reading labels carefully. Limit soidum intake to under 2000 mg. Watch for breads and rolls, cold cuts and cured meats, pizza, poultry, soups, sandwiches, canned foods. 3. Get moving. Walk. Walk. Walk. 4. Pump some iron. Light heavy lifting. 5. Limit alcohol to one drink per day. Drinking too much, too often, can increase your blood pressure, so practice moderation. 6. Relieve stress with daily meditation or deep breathing sessions. Stress hormones can not only constrict your blood vessels and lead to temporary spikes in blood pressure, but over time can also trigger unhealthy habits that put your cardiovascular health at risk. These might include overeating, poor sleep, and misusing drugs and alcohol. Controlling stress should be a top priority. 7. Take Magnesium. Check with your doctor.

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