Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

Often patients ask me for a weight loss plan and suggestions of what to eat and what not to eat.

There is an acute phase of weight loss when you want to lose let's say 25 lb.  The below information is in this phase.  Then, there is a chronic phase, where you want to maintain the weight loss.  For the maintenance, we can later add or introduce some fun foods like cheating once a week or add 3 alcoholic drinks a week.  It's very important that you stick to this program strictly. 

Make sure you prepare snacks in case you become hungry so you don't start eating chips or cookies or bread!


1- No alcohol.

2- No sodas.  No diet sodas.  Drink only water or sparkling water.  One or two cups of black coffee are OK.  One or two cups of green-tea are OK.

3- No bread.  No rice.  No pasta.  No sweets.

What to eat:

1- Breakfast- two eggs, one cup of coffee, one apple.

2- Lunch- Large salad- as much as you want- with a piece of chicken or fish.  Can of tuna ok.  No Mayo.  No ranch.  Balsalmic vinegar OK.  Lime/ olive oil OK.

3- Dinner- same as lunch.

4- Snacks allowed:  Almonds.  Apples.  Cucumbers.  Tomatoes.  Celery.  Carrots.  

5- 8 glasses of water per day.

6- Weigh yourself every morning.

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