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Physical Exam Specialist

Afshine Ash Emrani, MD, FACC -  - Cardiologist

Los Angeles Heart Specialists

Afshine Ash Emrani, MD, FACC

Cardiologist located in Tarzana, CA

Dr. Emrani provides comprehensive physical exams to busy patients throughout the Tarzana, CA, area, with executive physicals and checkups designed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules at his practice, Los Angeles Heart Specialists.

Physical Exam

Los Angeles CardiologistWhat is the LAHS executive physical?

The LAHS physical is a comprehensive exam and assessment of your health conducted in a single weekend day. It's designed to accommodate the busy schedules of executives who may not be able to squeeze in multiple appointments and lab work during their work week. The executive physical includes:

  • An extended, in-depth physical exam with an internal medicine specialist

  • Comprehensive lab testing, including urinalysis, blood counts and complete chemistry panels to assess organ function and look for early signs of diseases

  • Cardiovascular assessment including an electrocardiogram and other testing

  • Pulmonary function testing

  • Lipid and nutritional analysis

  • Prostate exam and screening

  • Osteoporosis screening (women over 40)

  • Comprehensive written report detailing results

  • Referrals for additional screenings such as mammography and colonoscopy as needed

What are the benefits of a LAHS checkup?

At Los Angeles Heart Specialists, we've designed our physical exam and checkup services to meet the needs of busy executives who simply find it too difficult to schedule an exam and a complete battery of testing over the course of several days. Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology used in advanced diagnosis and disease management, so everything can be completed in a single weekend day, without disruption of your work schedule. Plus, because your assessment is performed by one practice, your treatment recommendations will be based on your complete health profile for a more customized approach and optimal results.

I'm in good health; why is having a routine physical exam so important?

Most serious diseases start off “small,” with few and sometimes no discernible symptoms. Heart attack and stroke, two leading causes of death, are both associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, neither of which causes symptoms on its own. Having routine annual physicals is the best way to “catch” diseases and treat them before serious problems occur.

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