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Comprehensive blood testing provides valuable insights into overall health and wellness and aides in the treatment of disease. Dr. Emrani's office, Los Angeles Heart Specialists, features an on-site lab capable of the most advanced testing methods to help Tarzana, CA patients get the care they need.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

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What are theBenefits of On-Site Lab Testing?

Los Angeles Heart Specialists has an onsite lab, enabling patients to get test results without having to visit different sites or wait in line. The onsite lab also allows Dr. Emrani to access test results immediately, during the patient’s visit. That expedites treatment and recovery. Onsite lab tests can also reduce costs for patients. Dr. Emrani is proud to maintain a state-of-the-art laboratory which is both state and CLIA compliant. This on-site laboratory allows for more efficient care of his patients and timely counseling.

What kinds of test are available at the on-site laboratory?

  • CBC - Evaluates for anemia, coagulation, infections
  • Chemistry - Evaluates kidney function, liver function, electrolytes
  • TFT - Thyroid function testing
  • PSA - evaluation of prostate cancer
  • Hormonal testing: Testosterone, Estrogen, FSH
  • Allergens: Evaluation of allergies
  • H-Pylori: Evaluation of pathogen in stomach that causes ulcers
  • Urinalysis for infections, blood, protein
  • HbA1c - Control of Diabetes in the past 90 days

What is the Purpose of Lab Testing?

Lab tests help to diagnose and rule out specific illnesses presenting various symptoms ranging from fatigue to a sore throat or a rash. Lab testing is also used to monitor chronic conditions, the impact of treatments, evaluative organ function, and to obtain baseline measures for patients during routine examinations.

How are Lab Tests Performed?

Most lab tests are performed using a blood test where one or more small vials of blood are drawn for evaluation. The number of samples drawn during any test will depend on the number of assessments being performed. Some tests may be performed using a small sample of cheek cells or saliva removed with a swab. Urine testing and fecal testing may also be performed for some indications.

Do I Need to Prepare for a Lab test?

Patients usually don’t need to prepare for lab tests. However, some tests such as a cholesterol screening and blood glucose tests require that you fast for 12 hours prior to the test. Los Angeles Heart Specialists will instruct you on anything you need to do in advance of your tests when you make the appointment.


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    "Dr. Emrani is a doctor that goes over the top in advising what is best for you. It is because of Dr. Emrani's persistence and caring that I am at my best health."

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    "I have never been so impressed with a doctor! I have seen so much improvement since my husband's visit. I am so glad that we finally found a doctor we can trust!

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    "My personal and professional opinion of Dr. Emrani and his office staff could not be higher. I highly recommend Dr. Emrani and his staff to anyone in the area."

    Jesse W.
  • Yelp

    "My personal and professional opinion of Dr. Emrani and his office staff could not be higher. I highly recommend Dr. Emrani and his staff to anyone in the area."

    Jesse W.
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