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Afshine Ash Emrani, MD, FACC -  - Cardiologist

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Afshine Ash Emrani, MD, FACC

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At his practice, Los Angeles Heart Specialists, Dr. Emrani offers patients from the Tarzana, California, area comprehensive vitamin and nutrition testing using advanced patented technology from SpectraCell to analyze the blood levels of many vital micronutrients, so medical treatments can be custom-tailored to each patient's unique nutritional profile.

Vitamin/Nutrition Testing

Los Angeles CardiologistWhat is Micronutrient Testing?

Micronutrients include all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other nutrients your body needs to maintain optimum health. At Los Angeles Heart Specialists, we use a patented process from SpectraCell Laboratories to measure not only the levels of micronutrients in your blood but also how well those nutrients are being processed and metabolized within your cells. The process uses a small sample of your blood and relies on precise technology to measure the biological function of micronutrients for the most detailed and accurate results available.

How Does Vitamin and Nutrition Testing Apply to Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health?

The heart and blood vessels rely on a steady supply of nutrients to function correctly, and nutritional testing can identify deficiencies that may increase your risk for heart disease or make existing disease worse. SpectraCell's analysis includes a specialized profile of homocysteine, lipids, and proteins that have been implicated in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and adverse heart events.

How  Does Nutrition Affect My Health?

Vitamins and other nutrients are essential for the growth of new cells, the repair of damaged cells, and the proper functioning of organs and systems. Even a minor nutritional deficiency can have a “domino effect” on the tissues in your body, resulting in significant effects on your health. Optimizing your health means optimizing your nutrition, and that starts with identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies.

What Happens If Testing Shows I Have a Nutritional Deficiency?

If your tests results indicate a deficiency of a vitamin or other nutrient, we'll provide you with the guidance needed to reevaluate your diet and establish healthier eating habits based on your preferences and lifestyle to ensure you get the right balance of vitamins and other essential nutrients.

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